Benefits of choosing a female plastic surgeon


I strongly believe that the idea is not to have surgery but to have the right surgery with the right surgeon hence patients shouldn’t be afraid to shop around.

It is important to do some research about the surgeon before consultation and choose a plastic surgeon with the highest credentials. The surgeon should make you feel at ease and confident that they will be able to perform the surgery well. It is very important to feel comfortable with the specialist. When deciding between plastic surgeons, look for someone who can confidently answer all of your questions. You shouldn’t be left with unclear answers and if you are not sure how you feel see another surgeon.

Even though there are many factors to consider, there are many advantages to choosing a female plastic surgeon.

Understanding women

I am a wife, a mother and a female plastic surgeon. I think as a female plastic surgeon I understand the pressure that society places on women to look a certain way. I want to not only help women to feel comfortable in their bodies but empower them to be the most confident and content version of themselves.

Knowing female anatomy

I love the fact I am a woman helping women and some surgeries (such as breast or labiaplasty) are more sensitive. For women who want plastic surgery, it’s comforting to have a female plastic surgeon who can make them feel at ease because they know the female body. In addition, female plastic surgeons often better understand how women express the changes they seek in their appearance.

While there’s no reason to feel embarrassed with a male surgeon, many women feel more comfortable and at ease with a female plastic surgeon.


Trust and communication

It is very important to find a plastic surgeon you like and trust. For any patients, that might mean choosing a female plastic surgeon.

One of the most difficult aspects of the plastic surgery process is being able to openly discuss the concerns and issues related to the appearance. Many patients, both male and female, find that a female plastic surgeon is more sensitive to their thoughts and feelings. Further, many say they find female surgeons treat patients with more consideration and respect.


More thorough consultation

In general women tend to be more vocal and communicative, thereby increasing the flow of information between the patient and their female plastic surgeon. Statistics have shown that female plastic surgeons spend more time with their patients during consultations. This can translate to a more thorough consultation with time to build a friendly and trusting relationship between a patient and a plastic surgeon.


What about male patients?

I find male patients often prefer a female plastic surgeons for the same reasons as female patients. Men often expect to receive more empathy and sensitivity from a female surgeon. Further, many men are competitive by nature and shy away from showing weakness or vulnerability to other men.