Breast reduction-a life changing procedure


Most women seek out surgery because large breasts make them feel uncomfortable both physically and psychologically. They often come as their friend had it and told them about breast reduction surgery because it’s made such a difference to their life

 I see many young girls coming in requesting breast reduction surgery. They are more prone to being embarrassed about the way that they look, and they want to feel like they belong in their social circle. But most importantly, they want to get rid of the symptoms such as neck and backpain and being able play sports.

But one concern about breast reduction in adolescents is the risk of breast growth after surgery. This occurs in about 5% of patients. However, in the most recently published study in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal, it was shown that breast reduction significantly improves the breast-related symptoms and physical and psychosocial well-being of adolescent and young adult patients. The new study supports the good outcomes of breast reduction surgery in patients aged 12 to 21, despite a substantial risk of mostly minor complications. It was concluded: “Fear of potential complications should not preclude otherwise healthy patients from the benefits that reduction mammaplasty can provide adolescents.”

However, preoperative counselling about potential complications is a must, and as long as the risks are understood and accepted and there is no evidence of obesity, adolescent breast reduction is safe and effective