I have recently been interviewed about fat transfer to buttocks-aka Brazilian butt lift.

Lipo-filling is a fairly popular procedure. This is when you harvest fat, usually from the tummy, and use it to replace lost volume in the face, breast, for scar revision or body contouring.

It is sometimes used in conjunction with breast implants to make them look smoother and less obvious and to add an additional volume.

It’s an advanced procedure that requires someone highly experienced with fat transfer. About thirty to fifty percent of the grafted fat cells die off over three to six months, so it takes time to see the final results.
One area where I will not do a fat transfer is the buttocks because of the risk of death or serious injury following this procedure. The glutes are very vascular, and you can develop a fat embolism which is life threatening. Deaths as a result of this procedure caused concerns among plastic surgeons internationally. Additionally, long term, the skin of the buttocks may not be able to support the fat or implant in this area, making them look saggy.

At the end of the day, one must ask a question if that procedure is a risk worth taking.

Dr Katarzyna Mackenzie, MD, PhD, FRACS (Plast)
Plastic and hand surgeon